Exhibition Ideas

  • Have school children choose a painting to write a story about and then have them share it with the class, if they like.

  • For high school kids, have them discuss the popularity of Fairy Tales and why it may be time for some new stories.

  • For everybody, have them choose their favourite Fairy Tale and have them swap the ending to something more modern.

  • For everybody, have them draw their own Fairy Tale book cover or make shadow puppets.

Teapot Stories

I always say that taking the Children’s Literature class in my 3rd undergraduate year was one of the classes that changed my life. It opened my eyes to the why’s and wherefore’s of where our fairy-tale stories came from, and how they held on. It also opened my eyes to some inconsistencies that have been carried forward from generation to generation, and looking at these from a feminist perspective makes me shudder to hear them.

Moralistic tales that invoke fear and loathing are not my thing.

That is where the idea for this series came about. I wanted to make a new batch of fairy-tales and maybe have them written by the viewer.

Here then is the start of my collection of ‘Teapot Stories’.


This exhibition is: 

•easy to ship and display in a Gallery environment

•interesting for the entire family and groups of all ages

•joyful and hopeful in dark times

•full of potential for add on activities

easily included in an educational block on Children’s Literature, History, Story Telling

•ready to go and available (including merchandise)

•available for sale

•can be increased in size if required



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