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This can be a difficult topic to discuss, with hard feelings to feel. It’s hard to balance being your authentic self when society is bombarding you with messages saying you’re not the right shape or size.

I try to remember when fat entered my life and I am sure it must have been back then, in the 60s when my dad and uncles used other words too, to describe people by their skin colour, by what they were wearing, driving, eating, drinking or where they were living or worked. 'Two Ton Tessie' was on the record player on drunk Saturday nights in the rumpus room around the Rummoli table, which drove me to my bedroom even before my bedtime to cleanse those words out of my ears and brain with Charlotte's Web, where on a page, both pig and spider were happy and round.

Back then labels defined us and separated us into neat little boxes that were set within easy reach for people who needed to speak in that box talk. It also separated us from ourselves and broke us into pieces that we didn't know how to put back together, because there were no 'me' shaped lines to trace around to see how it went. Back then, and sadly, still now.

This exhibition is a celebration of size and shape and authentic selves.

Exhibit ideas:

  • What if your opening night included a book reading by an author with a book on this topic?

  • How about a community member with a craft table helping to make art activities around the themes of self esteem, compassion or bullying?

  • There are some great ideas HERE if teachers are searching for lesson plans.

This exhibition is: 

•easy to ship and display in a Gallery environment

•interesting for the entire family and groups

of all ages and abilities

•colourful and joyful

•full of potential for add on activities

easily included in an educational block

•ready to go and available (including merchandise)

•available for sale

  • can be increased in size if required

  • Many pieces are unframed on paper so can be clipped and hung, reducing hang time and customer costs.

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