By Eugene0126jp - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

For the Love of Dog

I love dogs. I can’t say it any plainer than that, and happily, it appears that I am not alone!

This show is for the dog lovers among us, who consider their dogs a part of their family, grieve their loss and celebrate their Birthdays and accomplishments. It is a simple exhibit which I hope will illicit joy from all viewers, both two and 4 four-legged.

Exhibit ideas:

  • What if your local shelter became involved, or made the opening event a fundraiser?

  • How about a community member with a craft table helping to make dog masks, puppets or other art activities?

  • There are some great ideas HERE if teachers are searching for lesson plans.

This exhibition is: 

•easy to ship and display in a Gallery environment

•interesting for the entire family and groups

of all ages and abilities

•colourful and joyful

•full of potential for add on activities

easily included in an educational block

•ready to go and available (including merchandise)

•available for sale

  • can be increased in size if required

  • Many pieces are unframed on paper so can be clipped and hung, reducing hang time and customer costs.

Questions/Info/Booking? Drop me a line!

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