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Exhibit ideas:

  • What if some artists with similar stories to mine were involved?

  • How about a community member with a craft table helping to make masks, or paper weaving or First Nations drawings or other art activities?

  • There are some great ideas HERE if teachers are searching for lesson plans.

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'Whale' Courtesy of Liam Chaplin

Ancestry: The Art Of Belonging

In 2017 I completed my ancestral search along one line, for as far back as recorded history could take me. From the time I began my journey until present day I have been documenting in my art and writing. To date one painting has been awarded a Third Place prize by The Federation of Canadian Artists, and one story along with two paintings have been published in Room Magazine.

This Exhibition contains my interpretations of my family, the land we all grew up on in North Vancouver, BC Canada, as well as some of the wildlife that we share it with.

I am continuously adding to this collection, please watch this space or contact me for inquiries.

I feel this exhibit will connect with all people, and provide many educational unit entrances for all ages and grades.

My family history is also the history of the beginning of Vancouver. My Great x3 Grandfather was one of Vancouver's 'First 100 Pioneers', and both my Great x3 Grandmother (Squamish Nation) and my Great x2 Grandmother testified in the "Attorney General of Canada and City of Vancouver vs. Alfred Gonzalves, Case on Appeal". My Great x3 Aunty Sally xwaywát was the mother of August Jack Xats'alanexw (Khatsahlano).

The majority of works here are colourful and the animals will especially work with younger children, while older youth and adults of any age will hopefully be able to understand the weight of the other pieces.

In today's climate, I feel that this exhibit would be very welcome and hopefully pave the road for others with similar stories to follow.

This exhibition is: 

•easy to ship and display in a Gallery environment

•interesting for the entire family and groups of all ages

•colourful and joyful even though the subject matter is weighted

•full of potential for add on activities

easily included in an educational block

•ready to go and available (including merchandise)

•most available for sale

•can be increased in size if required