Exhibit ideas:

  • What if a retired Ring Master was on hand?

  • Or a Lion

  • Maybe a rolled up circus tent in the corner?

  • Maybe a popcorn machine?

  • What if a musician, duo or trio played some fun music?

  • How about a community member with a craft table helping to make masks?

  • Maybe we could accept donations to an animal rescue?

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Drop me a line!

Jenn Ashton / RaveOnStudio@me.com

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‘After The Circus’

Have you ever wondered…..

After the big top has been torn down, the parking lots are empty and the cheers long gone, what became of the performers? The animals and people who were the mainstay and backbone of the circus?

The question popped into my head one day when I happily saw that circuses were shutting down and the abuse of animals and performers was something society no longer felt was ‘entertainment’.

In the wake of my 2017 ‘Selfie’ exhibit, which contained a strong anthropormorphical component, I found myself connecting the whereabout of these circus performers to the same feelings I have had, now being in the ‘over fifty’ set.

In a cheerful, solemn, joyful (and maybe melancholy, but not sad) exhibit, I show the whereabouts of these circus greats.

I feel this exhibit will connect with all ages, the smaller set will be able to recognize the brightly coloured animals, and the larger set, younger and older will be able to take something from the paintings and the words and maybe liken it to their own position in life, just part of a different circus.

The majority of works are close to 4x4’ on sheets of unframed water colour, which I would like to just have clipped and hung on the wall at a height where children can reach up and pat a nose. The rest of the exhibit are a range of fun sizes on stretched canvas and cradled wood panels, wired and ready to hang (and there may be a few framed, paper stragglers).

I'd love prints to be available, and a soft-covered, glossy paged catalogue for sale.

I assure you there are no sad clowns or injured animals here, just a hearty group of friends getting on with their lives - After The Circus.

This exhibition is: 

•easy to ship and display in a Gallery environment

•interesting for the entire family and groups of all ages

•joyful and hopeful in dark times

•full of potential for add on activities

easily included in an educational block on 'ethics', 'compassion', 'history' or on various circus themes

•ready to go and available (including merchandise)

•available for sale

•can be increased in size if required